Thursday, July 9, 2009


The CBC and Canadian Press colaborated on a great investigation into taser use by the RCMP. They used freedom of information requests to get a hold of incident reports that officers are required to file when ever they draw their taser. On the CBC website you can find extensive coverage including a list of taser related deaths and a search tool that lets you search the data they compiled.

Their searchable database lets you search during specific years, by province, by the type of incident, and by the number of cartriges/spin cycle used by the officer. You then get a list of reports and can read the details from the report.

In a quick look I found that there were 23 recorded times when eight or more stun and cartrige cycle were used since 2002. And That there were six recorded incidents of tasers being used on cell blocks.

On the CBC website they write:

“By putting a searchable version of our database online, we hope that people can discover a few more details about the use of a device that has been the subject of increased public scrutiny and political debate after the death of a Polish immigrant, Robert Dziekanski, who died shortly after being stunned five times with a Taser at Vancouver International Airport in October 2007.”

check out the web site here:

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