Friday, May 15, 2009

Tweeking Google URLS

To get the most from a google search you can tweak the URL of your searches.  This post looks at how to have the date a page was created, and longer snippets show up in your search results:

It was recently pointed out in a post on lifehacker. They got the idea (from digital inspitation), that you can find out the date that google thinks a page was first uploaded by cutting and pasting this line to the end of your URL:


your searches should now have dates in front of the snippets. it should look like this:

This got thinking about one of my favorite feature in the new googles search options, the ability to get longer snippets in your search results. (that means more text from each pages being displayed in the search results). Playing with the URL I discovered that instead of clicking through to this option, you can simply cut and paste the following to the end of the url of your google searches.


If you are using google to do research, these two tweaks will help you get to the really good stuff. And, if you want to get these options added to your searches automatically, you can cut and paste the following link into you browser, and bookmark it (or make it your home page.) 

It should give you a search for the word "example", but if replace it with a new word the added features will remain. (i have played around with this a bit, but if it doesn't work for you please let  me know.)

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