Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When I first looked at Bing, (the new brand for Microsoft's search engine), I wasn't very impressed. I had always liked some tools under Microsofts old brand "Live". "Live Image Search", and "Live Map Search" are tools I liked better than Google's equivalent tools. Both of these have been carried over to Bing. However in terms of search results I wasn't being won over. Now a recent post on google blogoscope, is making me look twice.

The tool lets you search all the domains registered to an ip address. All you do is type ip: followed by an ip address. Combined with Whois this very useful in profiling a website and finding its connections to other sites.

I tried it out quickly with I used the tool from the post to find out the IP address is When I looked this up in Bing the results showed me all sorts of sites sharing that IP address. A quick look showed me they were mostly media, civil and activist groups based in Montreal. The number of results was quiet large, 74,800, that is because the results are not only domains but also pages from within those domains. By plugging results into a whois search I found that seemed to be the host server's name.

A very useful tool!

Ironically it turns out this tool is not new but had existed in Live search as well. I am certainly going to give Bing another chance.

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